What is Dexpan?

Dexpan is a non-explosive controlled demolition agent that comes in powder form.

When mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes Dexpan generates an incredible 18,000 PSI expansive force that breaks concrete and rock safely and cost effectively with no noise, vibration or dust.



dexpan   6 types.png

Choose Dexpan 1, 2 or 3 based on the rock/concrete temperature and expected weather conditions

Dexpan 1    25°C  to  40°C  (red)   
Dexpan 2    10°C  to  25°C  (green)
Dexpan 3     -5°C  to  10°C  (blue)



Dexpan is shipped by the Box  or Bucket.

44 lb Box
Contains four 11 lb bags of Dexpan powder  

11 lb Plastic Bucket
Contains one 11 lb bag of Dexpan powder


dexpan Yield

Based on 1 1/2" diameter holes:

Quantity Description Approx Yield
1 11 lb Bucket 9 linear feet
1 44 lb box 36 linear feet
50 (1 pallet) 50 x 44 lb boxes 1,800 linear feet
450 (half container) 450 x 44 lb boxes 16,200 linear feet