What is Dexpan

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Dexpan is a gray non-toxic powder used to break concrete, rock and boulders. 

Dexpan resembles Portland cement in appearance and is made of environmentally friendly natural minerals with slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) the major ingredient. 

Dexpan Demolition Grout is also called a Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent or Soundless Chemical Demolition Agent. 


How Does it Work?

Dexpan is mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes.  A chemical reaction occurs that generates heat and a gradual expanding in volume that creates 18,000 PSI of expansive force breaking the strongest concrete or rock.


Who Uses Dexpan?

General Public on DIY Projects
Demolition Contractors
Drilling & Blasting Companies
Excavation Companies
Home Builders
Road Builders
Mines & Quarries
Utility Companies

Whether you are a quarry or mine removing tons of rock, a
contractor facing a sensitive job, or a homeowner trying to
remove rock from your property . . . 

 Dexpan will get the job done.


3 Types of Dexpan

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Choose the version of Dexpan (1, 2 or 3) based on the core temperature of the material you want to break (not the air temperature). 

    Dexpan 1       
77°F  to  104°F  

   Dexpan 2        
50°F  to  77 °F  

   Dexpan 3    
23°F  to  50°C  


Product Order Options

Dexpan is available by the Box or Bucket.

44 lb Box
Contains four 11 lb bags of Dexpan powder  

11 lb Plastic Bucket
Contains one 11 lb bag of Dexpan powder


Dexpan Yield

44 lb Box
Up to 36 linear feet of 1-1/2" diameter holes 

11 lb Plastic Bucket
Up to 36 linear feet of 1-1/2" diameter holes


Shelf Life  

3+ Years if bags kept air tight and protected from moisture and direct sunlight.



Store unopened packages protected from direct sunlight in cool, dry conditions until ready for use.

Packages that have been opened must be carefully re-sealed to prevent exposure to moisture.   



Dexpan is sold across the USA, Canada and in over 11 countries around the world including Mexico, Australia, UK, Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

For over 14 years customers have come to rely on Dexpan as the name brand you buy for product quality, consistency and results.