Dexpan applications   

Dexpan solves a wide variety of concrete and rock breaking challenges

Demolition, drilling and blasting contractors, excavation and mining companies, municipalities, utilities and the general public use Dexpan in a wide range of applications.



  • Demolition, partial demolition and cutting of all types of concrete structures into desired shapes, sizes and to easily cut off rebar

  • Reinforced concrete foundations, retaining walls, pillars, beams, stair wells, patios, driveways, equipment pads

  • Roadwork, bridges. piers, bank vaults


Excavating and Rock Breaking

  • Splitting and breaking boulders

  • Excavating rock

  • Rock and slab breaking for road expansion

  • Excavation associated with tunneling

  • Trenching and shaft sinking

  • Leveling

  • Suitable for use in commercial and residential developments


Stone Quarrying and Dimensioning

  • Allows for non-explosive quarrying of limestone, onyx, marble, and granite

  • Controlled expansive cracking avoids waste of valuable stone


Challenging Environments

  • Silent demolition in areas where you can not use noisy demolition tools like demolition hammers, diamond blade concrete cutter saws, hydraulic breaker or demolition wrecking ball

  • Non-explosive demolition when you can not use blasting explosives, TNT, dynamite, Nonex, primer cord due to blasting permits, licenses, restrictions and insurance costs



  • Dexpan non-explosive demolition agent can break rock and cut concrete underwater by using plastic tubing