Need to Break Concrete, Rock or Boulders?

Dexpan is a simple, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to blasting, jackhammers or heavy equipment

NO Noise
NO Vibration
NO Dust
NO Blasting
NO Flying Debris
NO Permits
NO Special Training

Dexpan breaks the toughest rock, concrete or reinforced concrete


dexpan    medium.png

What is Your Challenge?

Difficult Material

Noise or vibration restrictions

Need to avoid dust

Traditional methods & equipment ineffective

Limited access for equipment & machinery

Environmentally sensitive site

Permitting requirements, delays

Avoid shutdowns or need to clear area

Underwater material


Three Easy Steps

Dexpan 3 Easy Steps.png
  1. Drill your holes
    2. Mix Dexpan with water
    3. Pour into pre-drilled holes

Over the next 18 to 48 hours Dexpan slowly expands with 18,000 PSI of expansive power to break the toughest rock, concrete or reinforced concrete 


Why Customers Use Dexpan

Safe & Easy to Use

Usual Methods & Equipment Ineffective

Pre-Breaks Difficult Material

Need Controlled Targeted Breaking

Increases Productivity of Equipment

Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly

Proven Techniques & Reliability

Consistent Product Quality & Performance


Break Concrete

Break Rock

3 Types of Dexpan

Choose the type of Dexpan based on the core temperature of the material you want to break.

Dexpan 1   
25°C  to  40°C  (red)   

Dexpan 2   
10°C  to  25°C  (green)

Dexpan 3    
-5°C  to  10°C  (blue)

Two Package Sizes Available
11 LB Bucket
44 LB Box


Another Alternative for Breaking Rock & Concrete

Rock Removal Cartridges

Canadian made Rock Removal Cartridges are another alternative to explosives and traditional techniques for breaking rock and concrete.

Rock Removal Cartridges provide a solution when faced with a sensitive project requiring a safe, more immediate and powerful option that still reduces fly rock, vibration, noise, dust and pollutants.

Rock Removal Cartridges are simply a hollow tube that is filled with a specially formulated propellant. Inserted into a pre-drilled hole, the cartridge is initiated, resulting in a pulse of high-pressure gas that fractures the surrounding rock or concrete.

RRC’s effectively fracture the toughest rock and concrete indoors, outdoors, underground, underwater and come in a range of Cartridge Sizes to match the project size and objectives.